ECO Space Design Eco-Friendly Interior Design Crystal Palace London

An ECO SPACE DESIGN it’s a developing ecological sustainable design consultancy, located in the South East London area. What ecological design means? Well, anything you didn’t know before and it simple: biodegradable, well managed resources, no toxins, low energy, low waste, recyclable and upcycled.

There are many definitions of ecology, but one can certainly agree that ecology is the study of the structure and functioning of nature, studying the interactions between organisms and their environment, and the interactions between these organisms. The infamous human impact on the environment as well as on other organisms is known to all of us, and is defined, among others, by as degradation and devastation. The development of civilization, universal consumerism and development programs that do not take into account the critical effects of their implementation on the environment are proof that we have dramatically disturbed the balance of our ecosystem. To restore this balance, social, economic and environmental sustainability is essential. Arranging your home space in a well-thought-out and environmentally friendly way is a huge step to recover balance.

Switch your thinking, replace your taps with self-closing or just paint your dining chairs and give them a new life. It’s easy to be eco-friendly!