About ECO Space Design Eco-Friendly Interior Design Crystal Palace London

My name is Magdalena Wisniewska and I deal with consultancy in the field of interior decoration and design. I was interested in interior design from an early age, and frightening information from around the world about the state of our environment also prompted me to take up ecology. After receiving the diploma of an interior designer, I advise how to arrange an interior in harmony with nature.

Where did my love for ecological interiors come from? Well, the answer is very simple, from love to my own home, family and surroundings. For me, home is safety, rest, joy, comfort and freedom. It is our asylum, our space, our world. We all gladly come back home  after work, after a long journey and even after holidays, to enjoy the atmosphere, peace and harmony prevailing in it.The same desire to feel peace and harmony encourages us to spend time closer to nature. We like being surrounded by nature, because our planet is beautiful and is also our home.

Unfortunately, the destructive impact of humans on the environment is simply depressing, and the dramatically increasing numbers of dying animals and plants lead to the disappearance of species and even entire ecosystems. Successfully today, every intelligent man knows that social, economic and environmental balance is the only right path we must follow in order for our world to last for generations.

I am a person who cannot bear boredom, therefore I am constantly looking for something, experimenting and discovering. I like to be up to date with new trends, styles, new ecological products, accessories, furniture and interior finishing materials that appear on the market.If you are looking for an idea for your interior, you need inspiration or hints, I am here for you. I will help you with difficult decisions when choosing colours, patterns, materials or furniture. I will suggest how to choose accessories and lighting to achieve the atmosphere you want in the interior. It is not necessary to furnish the house with only ecological products, every little thing that has a good impact on our environment brings us closer to restoring balance in nature. Feel free to contact me and I will solve every problem related to the arrangement of your interior.I always have my head full of ideas, I look for inspiration everywhere and follow the achievements of interior designers of that time. Book your first visit or write to me and we can arrange everything by phone or virtually.