About ECO Space Eco-Friendly Interior Design Crystal Palace London

My name is Magdalena Wisniewska and I’m developing a small, home based but first of all eco friendly interior design consultancy . I grew up in the village, where from an early age my parents were teaching me respect for the nature.

They instilled in me the knowledge how to take care of plants, how to manure the soil with natural fertilizers, why the sun and water are so important for us and for the nature, why the garbage must be segregated and that food must not be wasted.

All this taught me how to handle the natural environment and how huge role it plays in our life. Interior design has always been my passion, so today I combined this passion with knowledge adding at the same time a brick to save our planet by creating eco friendly interiors.

Choosing my services you can also add a brick to save our environment, so you can improve your life making a warm, comfy, dedicated to your needs and ecological home.