Eco-Friendly Interior Design Service Crystal Palace London

Home space makeover

General refurbishment isn’t always necessary if your home isn’t adapted to your lifestyle. Very often all you need is a perfect match of cushions, curtains and wallpapers to make a nice and warm space to live.

I will help you to change any room into a well fashioned, comfy and functional interior.

Interior design A-Z

A common habit of many designers is to limit the client’s ideas to protect against changes in the project. I am open for your ideas and happy to use them, as a great and simple ideas can help everyone involved enjoy the creating design. Every propose and solution will be discussed with you to make sure, you feel comfortable and confident with each step of the project and that it fits in your budget.

From initial consultation, prioritizing and budgeting through the selection of colour scheme, furnishing, lighting and accessories to the final concept of the project, floor plan and visualization, I will supervise the project to meet your expectations.

Home improvements for renting & selling

Home improvements are an indispensable part of renting or selling it. Making your apartment more attractive to potential clients requires attention, imagination and lot of patience and time in searching a wide range of suitable colours, furniture, accessories etc.

I am here to take it all off your head and make a welcoming and encouraging residence. In addition by making improvements you can easily increase the value of your house/flat on the market.